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Carmen Garcia Sanchez


I am an architect who graduated from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), School of Architecture (ETSAM) (1997). I hold a PhD with International Mention in Architectural Design from the same University (2016). I am an experienced practising architect.

My research addresses the interaction between the building surroundings and the lived life in the residential space, focusing on the relationship between landscape, architecture and user: in a spatial context and on a human scale. It deepens into the theory of architectural design, artistic processes and methods research experience, where there is an intersection with sustainable architecture. I gained my Doctorate in Architecture with a thesis on the contemporary domestic space. My starting point was post-war Danish architecture, which extends to foreign cultures (Swedish, American, Mediterranean, Japanese…). It analyses several architectural works built between 1950 and 1970 in Denmark, a golden age of its modern architecture. A multidisciplinary complex research that implicates cultural, historical, geographical, technical and artistic aspects simultaneously, and the way they fit together as a system. It offers a unique insight relevant for research, history and architectural practice alike; that can also infuse the challenges of contemporary architectural design. As of 2013, I have conceived and sought external funding, organized, and managed the scientific content, structure and budget of my research projects independently. I have international experience: I developed part of my independent research at University of Copenhagen, after being granted a Danish Government Scholarship. I carry out my research project Nature-In “New Sustainable Nature-Inclusive Architectural Devices for the Transformation of our Interior Dwelling Space: through Selected Case Studies” (2020-2023), after receiving a Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship from the European Commission. I develop it as a Postdoc at the Royal Danish Academy Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK), within the Institute of Architecture and Design.

(2020- ) I teach Theoretical Assignment and Spatial Design to MA Architecture and Design students at Institute of Architecture and Design at KADK. (2017-2020) I have taught within Architectural Design Innovative Teaching Projects as collaborator at Architectural Design Department (DPA), School of Architecture, UPM, BA Architecture studies. I possess great technical skills and extensive knowledge of the development and management of large architectural projects, which have been integrally designed by me. My practice -for more than 23 years- is especially focused on residential buildings, involving over 135.000m2 built. I have promoted sustainability in social housing programmes. Moreover, I have experience in working with architects, urban planners and policy makers (employees of public institutions). Combining theory with practice gives me a significant and unique position for analyzing and unfolding of architectural works. This illustrates my leadership, original profile and independent thinking.

I have developed a strong international network. I have been invited to present my research at leading international universities such as Tokyo Institute of Technology in Tokyo, Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, in Stockholm, The University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus and the Royal Danish Academy Architecture Design Conservation. I have a strong publication record in international peer-reviewed journals. I have been recruited to be an independent evaluator for different postdoctoral recruitment programs. In addition, I am a member of the external Censor Corps for artistic higher education under the Ministry of Education and Research, Danish Agency for Education and Research.

My expertise has given me the skills to develop a vision for the future, with an innovative and ambitious strategy to develop and strengthen the field of architectural design. I wish to make a special contribution in a globalised and changing world; with social commitment, critical thinking, global reflection, analysis and design; to provide a better scenery for life.

Member of the Center for Interior Studies (CIS), at the Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Member of the Network for History and Cultural Studies at the Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Affiliated, as a visiting scholar, to the Centre of Excellence for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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