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January 2024 _ Visiting lecturer at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, invited by Professor Kristina Fridh. (22/01/2024-26/01/2024) (1 week).



Ph.D. Architect MA. Arch. Professor Associate Ryoto Murata´s research lab, Japan. (23/10/2022-23/12/2022) (2 months ).

2022 _ International stay as independent researcher developing my research project in Japan.

(2 months).



at the University of Copenhagen.



Institute of Architecture and Design, Copenhagen (1/08/2020- ) (3 years).


2013 _ Visiting scholar as independent researcher developing my individual research project at prestigious University of Copenhagen (UCPH) PhD School of Science Faculty, Landscape Architecture Department, Copenhagen, granted a Danish Government Scholarship under the Cultural Agreements. (01/06/2013-30/09/2013) (4 months).

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