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Embracing the Just "Global Green Transition"


© PhD Carmen García Sánchez

"The global goals for achieving the aimed "green transition" require a comprehensive change not only in the way we use our natural resources, but also in how we relate to Nature." Dr. Carmen García Sánchez

I am honored to be participating at the final annual conference of the Research Network for Global Justice and the Environmental Humanities, EHJustice network, "Transformative Connections, Building Diverse Relations for a just Green Transition" at Aalborg University Campus in Copenhagen, November 2-3.Organized by: Aalborg University, Centre for Environmental Humanities, Aarhus University & Roskilde University. It will bring together researchers, civil society organizations, designers, tech developers, activists, and others labouring at the interface between knowledge work and action in climate, environment, and justice issues. 

Due to the dominant model of development and design of the modern built environment, urban communities are deprived of the human health and wellbeing benefits of daily interactions with the natural world. Furthermore, the longing for nature has emphasized the diversity of the world population and the question of inequality. These circumstances challenge architectural design practices for improved building and urban designs and call for collaborations.

I will contribute by providing new perspectives and inspiration to increase humans-nature connectedness through the experience of the built space from my ongoing research. The objectives are to inform a contemporary practice, phase in biophilic design in the built environment and to change the attitude of multi-stakeholders.

My main aim is an important long-term vision, to boost the health and wellbeing of urban communities through daily interaction with Nature.


The registration is free. Deadline: Friday October 27th (midnight) 

Focused on the 17 UN´s Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs)

It has received funding from the European

Union’s H2020 research and innovation

programme under the MSCA grant

agreement 896651. The present action

reflects only the author’s view and it does

not engage in any way the views of the

European Commission


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