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Nature-Connectedness: Space, Time and Imagination


Jikoin temple 慈光院, Nara (Japan) ©Carmen García Sánchez

Grateful for the inspiring and motivating comments following my lecture "Nature-Connectedness: Space, Time and Imagination" invited by the Center for Interior Studies, at the Institute of Architecture and Design at The Royal Danish Academy

Biophilic design offers an important and unexplored research field for increasing the human-nature connection.I examined how architectural interior spatial design can capture the outstanding experience of the phenomenon of nature through the analysis of domestic scale buildings built in Denmark and Japan. The architecture demonstrates unique biophilic experiences through sophisticated and original design expressions. Its transformative processes connect the users to the natural settings and reflect fundamental ways humans attach meaning to a place, providing timeless lessons which prevail today. 

The purpose of the lecture was three-fold: to enrich the audience´s vision of post-war Danish architecture and traditional Japanese architecture, stimulate the interest in Nature-connected architecture through its biophilic design and introduce some scientific perspectives.

I am thankful to all participants - MA students, architects and designers, my collegues from the Academy, researchers and mainstream people- for their thought-provoking questions after the conference. Indeed, they led to an interesting and inspiring debate.

It has received funding from the European

Union’s H2020 research and innovation

programme under the MSCA grant

agreement 896651. The present action

reflects only the author’s view and it does

not engage in any way the views of the

European Commission


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