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Seminar on Biophilic Design within CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk (Denmark) © PhD Carmen García Sánchez

Thai architect Peeraya Suphasidh poses by some of the seminar outcomes. © PhD Carmen García Sánchez

Active participation and thoughtful engagement of the attendees at the one-day seminar "Nature by Design: Towards a Sustainable Architectural Practice" at the Royal Danish Academy Architecture Design and Conservation

The purpose of the seminar fulfilled two fold: to illuminate and enrich the understanding of architectural biophilic design and to stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue/debate and interest in Nature-inclusive architectural design, in line with the implementation of UN's 17 SDG's.

The one-day course advanced participants´ professional skills. It enabled them to discover biophilic design potential in contemporary architectural practice. Starting from different approaches to the concept of Nature from a Western but either from an Eastern point of view, participants understood how to carry out biophilic design and learned some practical tools to be applied in a dense built environment context. Furthermore, the relevancy of the topic was discussed and less known benefits of living in daily contact with nature for human beings were pointed out.

I would like to highlight the active participation and thoughtful engagement of the attendees. I am grateful to those who manifested their interest in the seminar, although some of them could not attend it. I will be giving more seminars on biophilic design in a close future. Please send your expressions of interest and motivation by email to , subject "Nature-by-Design".

It has received funding from the European

Union’s H2020 research and innovation

programme under the MSCA grant

agreement 896651. The present action

reflects only the author’s view and it does

not engage in any way the views of the

European Commission


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