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Time is a Key Dimension to Perform Nature Connectedness


Shisendo Temple in Fall, Kyoto (Japan) © PhD Carmen García Sánchez

Shisendo Temple in Spring, Kyoto (Japan) © PhD Carmen García Sánchez

“ Time is the dimension in which buildings actually come to life: how their shadows and steel engage the days and seasons of the world, how they guide the movements of people and things, and how they project the past into the future, the once-was into the could-be”  David Leatherbarrow Professor of Architectural Theory and Design.

The transformations of nature and its processes, such as seasonal and temporal changes throughout the four seasons, have the capacity to convey the enriching experience of the passage of time. This also contributes to humans´ connection with  life cycles and biological rhythms, and enhances human biophilic responses. Time is a key dimension to perform nature-connectedness through an architectural design.

It has received funding from the European

Union’s H2020 research and innovation

programme under the MSCA grant

agreement 896651. The present action

reflects only the author’s view and it does

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